Pineal Gland Introduction

The pineal gland is a very small organ in the centre of your head between the two hemispheres. It controls bio-rhythms and secretes hormones that affect the sleep patterns and the maturing process of the sexual organs. 

This little pineal gland is also known as the third eye because it is wired into the visual cortex of the brain just like the 2 eyeballs. The tissue around the pineal gland has pinealocytes which are the main cells and they are similar to the rods and cones in  the retina of your eye. This is why they call it the third eye. There is a little television in your head and you can pick up images from it. 

Pineal Gland

In the pineal gland is a little bit of water. In this water are crystals floating around. These crystals release photon energy in the form of light when they are being compressed by an electromagnetic field which comes from the heart. It is known that the heart sends out electromagnetic waves a hundred times stronger electrically and up to 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. The reason why this is so important is because our world is made out of those 2 fields of energy, electrical waves and magnetic waves.  Therefore our hearts are capable of influencing the world around us including our own bodies. The ancient people left clear instructions; a feeling without judgement, no ego.  When the heart and the brain are coherent, the energy flows much faster because there is no unresolved anger. This means you can alter your frequency by the way you live your life. 

The higher your frequency the more your life becomes the opposite of what you deserve because nature strives for balance through our behavior patterns. This simply means that if you are in a high frequency you will always attract the opposite. Very mean and irrational people that will try to destroy everything you have until you are one of them.  If you really want to raise your frequency I would strongly recommend you to watch ‘Psychic Vampirism’ by Michael Tsarion. That is the price you are going to pay for living a honest and moral life. You will be surrounded with people that are so mean and evil that you have to be extremeley strong to stay alive. Don’t expect any kind of energy moving towards you. Don’t expect anyone to come over acting in a respectful way.  Expect soulles beings incapable to self-reflect who are disguised as your best friends trying to change you until your frequency range is the same as them.  Everything in this world can be explained by understanding that everyone has a different vibrational state. You think you control your own behavior but that can only be true if the people around you are in a lower vibrational state. If you are surrounded with people vibrating on a much higher level you must be extremely driven by the power of intention in order not to become immoral(evil).