How do we interpret the ancient instructions when it comes to raising your frequency? They talked about a feeling without judgement, no ego. It is a state of being where the energy flow of the atom moves at a very high speed. It only can flow if there are no interruptions caused by unresolved anger.

We are made out of this energy and the speed of this atom is a reflection of what you are. It is the one behind the transparent mask, the real self. It is your frequency range or your level of consciousness. We are always emoting something based on our beliefs and thoughts. The ancient people were aware of the fact that the heart sends out much stronger frequencies than the brain. These electromagnetic pulses are able to manifest itself into the outside world. We can use it to heal ourselves and to heal others if we are becoming aware of it. We must let ourselves rediscover the powers that we have.

Unfortunately in this new world existence has become almost like a crime. Say something different and you will find out very soon how open minded people really are.  The higher your frequency the harder life becomes. You will attract parasites like moths to a flame. You will notice that nature strives for balance in this way. The wider the gap between our frequencies the more tumult you will get. A lower frequency can never give energy to a higher frequency unless he or she is driven by the power of intention.