Some people desperately wanted to know how our world works so they spent 6 billion dollars on a machine (large hydron Collider) and recreated the big bang. Their ultimate goal is to discover the Higgs-field and the higgs boson which is a particle associated with this field. Different names for this field are the matrix, the source-field, the underline fabric, the quantum soup and so on.

Other people believe that this field requires an internal technology which is widely described by the ancient people. They talked about ‘coherent heart-based emotion’ which is the key to higher levels of consciousness which effect your vibrational state. This is important because it effects the DMT crystals in the pineal gland and this gland is wired into the visual cortex of the brain. Therefore they called it ‘the Third Eye’ because the DMT crystals release photon light when they are compressed by an electromagnetic field. This theory suggests that everybody is capable of discovering the god particle and that it simply can’t be found with a machine.

Almost universal ancient texts and spiritual traditions suggest that everything in our world is connected. This subtle field of energy is in fact described by western scientists as net or a web that creates the underlying fabric of all creation. This field of energy has been here from the very beginning and it is an intelligent field, an intelligence that responds deeply do human emotion.

Feeling is vibration and we are always emoting something. As we hold feeling and emotions, what we are doing is holding a vibratorial pattern in the liquid crystal of our body. When we have a feeling in our hearts, we are creating electrical and magnetic waves inside of our bodies that extend beyond our bodies into the world around us. It is a non conventional energy, it doesn’t work the way electricity or broadcast energy works. Our equipment isn’t built to detect this kind of energy. The belief that the space between things is empty might be an assumption that needs to be reviewed because experiments have shown that our emotions directly influences the world around us.