Pineal Gland Water

This legend of the pineal gland is worldwide. It is infused through all these different religions and all these different traditions keep showing us the same thing. The trick to understand the pineal gland is to realise it’s not just a chunk of flesh and it’s mostly hollow. Inside that hollow area is pineal gland  water floating around. The interior tissue that the water is connected to has little cells that are called ‘pinealocytes’ and they appear to be almost exactly the same as the rods and cones in the retina of the eye. Studies one after another analysing these pinealocytes are confirming this. It turns out that the pineal gland is wired into the visual cortex of the brain just like the eyeball. They call it a phototransduction cascade.

So what’s the big deal with the pineal gland water? If you have this retina inside your mind and it’s wired up like an eye then what is it looking at? It appears that there are crystals in the water and then darkness activates some sort of electromagnetic shield around that water and then allows to open itself to the source field. When the pineal gland fires up you feel a buzzing tone or acceleration in your head. This electromagnetic activity is shielding of all waves from our reality and then allows itself to the  source field.  In this field time is non-local and it’s 3-dimensional.

Pineal gland water appears to be the key because it’s able to flip-flop back and forth from our reality to a parallel reality. This inner retina is recording visual images that are coming in from whatever this water is doing. This automatically happens when you go to sleep.

4 of a Kind

4 of a Kind

Water is the focal wellspring of our creatures. It is a piece of each cell and fiber in us; it is our extremely substance. Could water be the shared factor that weaves every one of us (earth, creature, human, and plant) together as one? Is it a definitive connector?It’s amazing and humbling that water conveys such a variety of entrained messages, particularly when we consider that there has been the same water, and the same measure of water, on the earth for a huge number of years. What messages would we say we are getting from our predecessors when we drink? Also, it is overpowering to believe that in the previous 60 years alone, the human hand has engraved such a great amount of contamination on the water, bringing it out of sound equalization. It is our otherworldly commitment to be water’s guardian and reason it no further mischief.