The Hoax-field

The hoax-field is a term I use to describe a very different outcome of the same species. It is the reason why so many people kill themselves and why there is so many misery and suffering in this world.  Philosophers throughout history attempted to describe this monstrosity and came up with some names to point out this low vibrational nightmare. I call them hoaxers but you might be familiar with the following terms.

The parasites, the zombies, the living dead, the chameleons, the snakes, the psychic vampires, the moral inferiors, the little man, the evil ones, the energy vampires, the emotionless, the consciousness less, the destroyers, the soulless, the opinion-less, the wolf in sheep clothing.

How to recognise the hoaxer;

  • A lack of remorse for actions that hurt other people
  • No limit to their ego
  • They simulate emotions
  • They are legends in their own minds
  • They listen to reply, not to understand.
  • They can’t delay gratification
  • They are always in the foreground
  • They take nothing serious
  • If they can’t steal or destroy it they simply deny it
  • They are very suspicious
  • They are attached to a style only for it’s entertainment value
  • They are non-athletic
  • They blame you for everything they can
  • They are extremely envious
  • They have a poster board mentality
  • They use as little language as they can
  • They want to control every aspect of your life
  • They are specialised in the weaknesses of other people
  • They continue being evil until you are just like them
  • They like to make you feel uncomfortable in your own room
  • They tell you nothing with a thousand words
  • They use you as an external consciousness
  • They are unable to give rational feedback
  • They present themselves as the creators
  • They are never to blame
  • They are incurable
  • They ridicule everything that requires matter of importance
  • They will never be depressed or feeling down
  • They are only focused on the outside world
  • They use you for their own incapability to self-reflect
  • They know exactly when they have to be nice
  • They have a competitive brain
  • A need for unconditional support regardless any provocative behaviour